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  "...Cherie was incredibly easy to get ahold of and we had a phone consultation with specific instructions prior to our first appointment.  I was relieved and impressed with her responsiveness, understanding, and very professional and methodical approach to our issues. She has an arsenal of tools and depth in experience and knowledge with all things baby.  I honestly don't know what I would have done without her guidance and support.  She dedicates herself to her families, and is VERY available by phone, text, or email.  I was even able to call her in the middle of an emotional crisis when i was completely ready to give up altogether.  She is patient, understanding, positive, down to earth, realistic, honest, and just overall so incredibly supportive during what has to be the most vulnerable, confusing, and emotional times in a woman's life.  Also, because she is a nurse practitioner her approach to care is VERY comprehensive. My son is now exclusively breastfeeding.  I also go to her group sessions.  It is a fantastic opportunity for additional time with her as well as an opportunity to get out of the house and network with other mothers and learn from their questions and experiences.  If you need help with breastfeeding, pumping, sleep, or just don't even know where to turn for support with your newborn care, call Cherie.  I believe in her 100%." ~First time mom of 10 week old

 "I can't say enough about Cherie. Our breastfeeding journey was doomed to fail from the start, with supply issues, my daughter's inability (or unwillingness, we'll never know!) to latch, along with a host of other complications. We were confused and scared when we first met Cherie when M was a week old. She worked with us on a plan that helped save our breastfeeding relationship.
Because we couldn't nurse, I committed to exclusively pumping. By 3 months I was producing enough to stop the formula supplements. All the while, Cherie encouraged me to never give up hope on getting my daughter to return to the breast, and her instinct was right. At 4.5 months, we started nursing, and are still going at 16 months.  It was truly a dream come true to be able to put the pump away and build a nursing relationship with my daughter, with Cherie's guidance.
  I've been reflecting a lot on our journey as we're getting ready to wean, and I know I would definitely not have stuck through those hard times if it wasn't for Cherie's firm belief in me, my daughter, and the process. She was encouraging and supportive in just the right ways. I especially loved that she gave her cell number and I could get a quick response from her if something came up, even after hours or on weekends. Having that kind of support is invaluable. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.We also attended her baby groups and looked forward to them every week - she is a wealth of parenting knowledge, not just about breastfeeding. I met moms through her groups who are now some of my closest friends. Thank you Cherie! " 
~First time mom of 16 month old 

"I saw Cherie a bunch, and she's got a great, realistic, supportive attitude and doesn't beat you over the head with a dictator approach."~First time mom 

 "Cherie is an excellent lactation consultant. I would highly recommend her. I was having trouble breastfeeding my second child and when he was a week old, felt we had both gotten off on the wrong foot. My nipples were sore, cracked, and blistered and he was feeding nonstop.
I emailed her at 10 p.m. on a Sunday and got an immediate response. She then called me first thing Monday morning and saw me that afternoon. I was impressed with this level of responsiveness.  
Cherie is a wonderful, patient, sympathetic  teacher who explains things and really works with you to understand how to make breastfeeding an enjoyable experience. Her primary concerns are getting your baby fed and ensuring your comfort.  She also has realistic expectations for you as a breastfeeding mother and is there for you when you need her." 
~2nd time mom

"Cherie was a Godsend when our daughter was born.  Both my husband and I rave about Cherie and the role she has played in our daughter's life.  She is experienced and extremely knowledgeable and is also easy to talk to and easy to cry in front of!!  She is compassionate and knows just what a new mother needs.
After our baby was born, the lactation consultant at the hospital told us that our daughter had a good latch and that she was doing great.  However, she was not gaining much weight.  We went to see Cherie on Day 5 since she had been referred to us by countless friends.  Cherie immediately recognized that while the baby was sucking great, she had very little to swallow but was not complaining.  
Cherie provided me with a series of steps and recommendations to increase my milk supply and she also made sure that our baby got enough nutrition while we waited for my supply to increase.   When she saw that I was not making enough milk, one option she discussed with us was a prescription drug which my husband and I and my OB agreed was a good choice.  After a couple of weeks, I was producing enough milk for her.  In the interim, Cherie gave us a formula option and a baby bottle recommendation that did not cause her to "lose her suck."  It all worked perfectly and our baby has always been able to drink breastmilk from a breast or bottle as well as formula....from Day 5.  Later when the baby was having gas issues, Cherie switched us to a different formula which resolved the issues 100%.
Cherie also offered many 100% natural options to us...we just chose the prescription option.  Cherie will work within the constraints of your philosophical desires while keeping the health of the baby at the forefront.
In addition to private lactation counseling sessions with Cherie (which included some emotional therapy too :), I attended her newborn classes.  Cherie has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I feel like I am a better mom because I have Cherie as a resource.
As I began the weaning process, I reached out to Cherie, who once again provided me with guidance on how to wean the baby from the breast.  Her advice is medical (she is a nurse practitioner as well as a lactation specialist) but, as importantly, she is emotionally sensitive to the needs of both me and my baby.
My husband and I cannot rave enough about this wonderful woman and incredibly talented professional.   We will definitely have her come to the hospital when we have a second baby.
She is absolutely top notch in every way!" ~Parents of 14 month old 

"I never hesitate to refer my newborns and their parents to Cherie!  She has so much experience and knows just what to do to encourage  babies to breastfeed.  And, the parents love her!  Because she is also a nurse practitioner, I always know she will make sure  babies are being fed, all the while working her magic.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!" ~Palo Alto  pediatrician

"Cherie is a godsend. She basically saved me from giving up on breastfeeding and switching to formula. We saw her three times in the first couple weeks of my baby's life, with different problems each time, and she is such a pro." ~Mom of 6 month old 

"Cherie was able to get my infant on the breast for the first time in weeks. Notably, this was on New Year's Eve at 4 pm --not easy to find someone so dedicated!" ~Mom of 6 week old 

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Cherie. I almost gave up on breastfeeding my twin boys it was so challenging and exhausting at first.  But Cherie was so KNOWLEDGEABLE, patient, and caring and now I'm in month 11 of exclusive breastfeeding because of her. She supported me through so many hormone-driven tearful phone calls and sessions together - I feel so grateful that I had her in my corner when my kids were born!!" ~Mom of 11 month old twins

"I worked with Cherie and can attest to the fact that she works wonders! My daughter was described as having a "small jaw" at birth. I worked with 3 other lactation consultants over the course of the first month who eventually shrugged their shoulders and told me that my daughter 'might never breastfeed'. As a new mom who really wanted the bonding associated with breastfeeding, this was pretty devastating. Then, I met Cherie!
Cherie was positive and refused to take no for an answer. She was always confident that we could get my daughter to nurse, which gave me the confidence to keep trying. She coached me through the transition from a complete pump-and-bottle baby to a fully functional breastfeeder! My daughter finally started breastfeeding at 7 weeks, and I had multiple people tell me they had never seen a baby start breastfeeding that late. Cherie made the magic happen!

 I can also attest to the friendships, education, and support offered by her Mom & Baby groups. If you are a new mom, these weekly groups give you a safe place to learn how to get out of the house with your little one. In addition, you get to see all the babies in the group grow and change together. It is amazing! I am back at work full time, but I still meet up with moms from the class for play dates and visit the class whenever I have a day off! ~Mom of now 12 month old 

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